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Removal Of Asbestos

Safe Removal Of Asbestos From Sites

Asbestos has been used in numerous construction sites in the world for a good part of our history. Asbestos have won the hearts of many contractors due to numerous benefits of the component. High electric resistance, high heat resistance and resistance to rust are some of the most important benefits of asbestos. The material is quite strong compared to other roofing components on the market. Asbestos is durable too when compared to other materials. This is why asbestos has been used as a roofing product throughout the recent history of mankind. It is highly popular in the United Kingdom too. This article provides a comprehensive overview of safe removal of asbestos from sites. We have a specialist Skip Hire service for removing Asbestos.

Asbestos has another side to all these benefits. It is quite destructive during the demolition process. It poses a severe health risk to humans during such time. You need to adhere to safety procedures during destruction of sites containing asbestos or asbestos-related materials. Safe removal of asbestos from sites is essential to safeguard the health and well-being of workers involved in the process. Asbestos contain six major elements, which are health threatening. These substances are linked to various cancers. The latest studies in the country reveal that more than 50% of cancer cases are related directly or indirectly to the exposure to asbestos. The effects of asbestos is worsened by the smoking of cigarettes. Both these are highly effective risk factors of cancer.


Asbestos is more common in old buildings than newly constructed ones. Vinyl floor backings, floor mastics, ceiling tiles and wallboards all contain asbestos. The substance becomes hazardous upon exposure to air. You cannot prevent asbestos being exposed to air during demolition processes. This is why you need to take measures during demolition work and site clearance work to eliminate the undesired effects of asbestos. There are some important precautious to be taken when demolishing a site or dealing with any project related to asbestos. Here are some of the most important precautious in this regard.

Remove all the furniture and other equipment from the construction site to be demolished. Office equipment, and all other personal items should be removed from the site to reduce asbestos contamination. If the site is located in a populated area, it is best to isolate the area by putting up a contaminant perimeter wall, and also an air lock if possible. You can use polythene sheets for this purpose. Place warning signs throughout the site to prevent people from entering the place unaware of the dangers they would face. Workers employed on asbestos removal sites require to wear all safety gear, including asbestos handling respirators and gear. Rubber boots, overcoats, eye goggles, ear protection and all required gears should be worn by such workers. Make sure you wear them during the entire period of being on the site. This will help protect you from the health risks of asbestos. Saturate the asbestos materials with a water mixture to reduce the amount of dust produced when the asbestos is broken down. It is better not to break the asbestos material since it is quite dangerous when the material is broken to small pieces. Avoid handling small asbestos containing material. Dispose all asbestos materials in approved asbestos disposal bags only. Never use any other disposal items to dispose asbestos or asbestos related material.

Handling of asbestos should be done with extreme care. It can affect your health as well as the health and well-being of your loved ones. This is why safe removal of asbestos from sites is extremely important. It will help protect your family as well as the neighbours and the people in the vicinity. Demolition of asbestos sites should be handled only by experienced professionals in the industry. There are specially trained asbestos consultants to handle such projects. They are highly trained in handling such activities.

In conclusion, asbestos has numerous benefits as well as its own health hazards. You should never handle any asbestos demolition activity unless you are well aware of the hazards involved in it. Safety precautions are extremely important to guarantee your health and well-being during such demolition activities. Call in a professional for safe removal of asbestos from construction sites.